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Abuse of Discretion -


Revised January 2012
Got a problem with this information? Here are some people you may contact and explain your concerns. Or visit in person. Especially now since you may no longer have a job, your wages have been cut or benefits stopped altogether, because of these individuals’ wrongful actions and the costs associated with their doing so as explained on this website.
Now is the time to hold them accountable!
1.     Steven Darby McDonald #703852 / 703852/D-Unit F-1

Clallam Bay Correctional Center

1830 Eagle Crest Way

Clallam Bay, WA 98326

Please contact me at the above addresses with comments or advice on what can be done about these issues or to correct these abuses. If I do not respond it is because I have not received your comments. Thank you!
If you write a letter to Steven, please be sure to put your return name and address on the upper left hand corner of the envelope and use his full name and DOC number.
2.      If you have a complaint against a judge who heard a case where you were a party, or if you disagree with what either of these judges did in my case – Judge Susan Cook of Mount Vernon, Washington or Federal Judge John C. Coughenour of Seattle – you can address these concerns at the below websites and emails.
Mr. McDonald’s Trial Judge:
Susan J. Cook
Skagit County Courthouse
205 W Kincaid St. Rm 202
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Mr. McDonald’s Prosecutors (He was prosecuted by two at the same time while he represented himself pro se):
Thomas Verge (now a Court Commissioner in Whatcom County)
Whatcom County Superior Court
311 Grand Ave, Suite 301
Bellingham, WA 98225-4048
Erik Pederson
Skagit County Prosecuting Attorney
605 S 3rd St
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Division I, Washington State Court of Appeals
Including the three chimps: Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil, and the Three Blind Mice (See how they run) who heard Mr. McDonald’s appeals:
600 University St
One Union Square
Seattle, WA 98101-1176
Clerk’s Office: 206.464.7750
Susan R. Agid, Judge  
Marlin J. Appelwick, Judge 
Mary Kay Becker, Judge     
Ronald E. Cox, Judge 
Stephen J. Dwyer, Judge     
Anne L. Ellington, Judge     
C. Kenneth Grosse, Judge    
Linda Lau, Judge       
J. Robert Leach, Judge        
Ann Schindler, Judge  
United States District Court Judges:
700 Steward Street
Seattle, WA 98101
John C. Coughenour
Robert S. Lasnick
3.      Other Important Contact Information
Christine O. Gregoire, Governor (fill out form on website)
Inquire why she allows hundreds of WA/DOC inmates to be incarcerated for minor offenses costing taxpayers in excess of $72,000 dollars a year for medically disabled inmates like Mr. McDonald, while she indiscriminately lays off hundreds of teachers, cuts DSHS entitlements for thousands of Washington State citizens, stops prenatal care for pregnant mothers and forces infirm patients from their homes into state care facilities because she has stopped paying for caregivers. Demand why she allows Washington State Prosecutors to arbitrarily and capriciously select who to charge with the Three-Strikes law, based on the examples of the bank robbery case set forth herein. Demand her accountability to justify her actions of systemic abuse.
J. Relko Callner, Executive Director, Commission on Judicial Conduct
Demand accountability for this commission enactment and application of the state’s Whitebread Doctrine of Law, that is indoctrinated at the yearly judicial conference that’s closed to the public in Wenatchee, Washington. Don’t allow them to feign disbelief to this standard’s existence. Just send them a copy of it from this site and demand an explanation.
Barbara A. Madsen, Chief Judge, Washington State Supreme Court
Inquire why Mr. McDonald was not allowed by the court clerk to get a color copy of the motel room door that showed it was never on fire, into the court record. Or allowed to get an affidavit from his defense expert, Dr. John DeHaan, attesting what his missing trial testimony was, based on a color copy of the motel room door. Demand accountability and full disclosure of her assets.
Beverly A. Thomas, Executive Director, Medical Quality Assurance Commission
Ask why your loved one is being forced to be treated by convicted drug addicts and pedophiles, or those undergoing medical treatment for same. Who inappropriately touch and fondle their patients when providing “medical treatment” which they must endure if they want “treatment.” Ask why they call your son or daughter a “drug addict, a drug seeker, or a malinger” when they have valid medical complaints: just not to provide them with costly treatments and medications. As they have repeatedly done in Mr. McDonald’s case, where they stopped his pain alleviating medication of Methadone 40 mg’s once in the morning after receiving it for nearly two years. And Oxycodone one year before that, all because he filed a Grievance against a medical provider for not properly treating his “Advanced End-Stage Liver Disease” (ESLD). It’s their time to be held accountable.
Suemary Trobaugh, Administrative Officer, Public Disclosure Commission
Find out what types of public documents you can access that the state has in its possession and will not want to disclose, that may show their wrongdoing in the present economic crisis and prison management debacle.
Bernard “Bernie” Warner, Secretary of the Washington State Department of Corrections
Contact the Secretary and ask him why his former boss, Eldon Vail, returned $25 million in inmate’s health care funds to the General Revenue Fund and how can inmates get any quality medical care now, since the WA/DOC cannot afford to provide it. And the inmates cannot go anywhere else to obtain treatment. Ask him to set up a hotline that inmates can call to complain about the lack of medical treatment and medications that are being stopped because of his actions. Ask him what kind of control he has over the cadre of disabled medical care givers, who are all suffering from horrific psychological abnormalities as disclosed on the face of their requests for Applications to Practice Medicine. Demand that he make available exactly what their disabilities are and the true extent of their problems. Why are these freaks and geeks unable to “practice their profession with the reasonable degree of skill and safety”? Let’s out these wrongdoers who are unemployable in any other segment of society, except at a prison who hides all their wrongful actions and pays for all their litigation costs. See cases cited on this site and the actions of the incompetent buffoon, Dr. Kenney, who is now the new Medical Director for the WA/DOC. Demand his accountability for the systemic suffering that’s now taking place within the WA/DOC by the stoppage of treatments and medications.
Susan Dreyfus, Secretary, Department of Social and Health Services
Ask Ms. Dreyfus some pointed questions like why were your food stamps stopped, your Basic Health Care entitlements stopped, your Life Line Care terminated, your caregiver laid off, and you forced into state assisted living care center (nursing home), your child’s Special Education Credits stopped, the Swimming Center’s pool for the handicapped sold to private interests who now charge you an outrageous amount if you would like to attend, or prohibit you from attending altogether; your prenatal care stopped altogether, your children are now prohibited from receiving dental services and eye care; all so the Washington State Department of Corrections and its mighty Teamsters Union can build and maintain prisons that incarcerate inmates for life for allegedly burning a doormat that caused no monetary damage @$72,000 a year for the rest of their life. Or stole a purse or a half rack of beer and cost the taxpayers $52,000 a year to incarcerate for the rest of their lives. Be sure to tell her the prison system is a business which hoodwinks the public into feeling a false sense of fear requiring the need to incarcerate non-dangerous people for life so it can exist and grow. And when a tragedy happens, like the recent death of an officer at Monroe Correctional Complex by a serial rapist and sex offender, these entities should not be allowed to transfer guilt to those not involved to shed the blame that they all bear for the commission of this horrific act. And in turn, transfer it to the taxpayer to continue and fund their wrongful acts as set forth throughout these articles: all to the detriment and at the expense of you and your family members.